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Barry - woodcut - Merlyn Chesterman

About Merlyn Chesterman

Merlyn also teaches printmaking courses in Andalucia, Spain.
Please contact her for details or visit the Creative Escapes Website for these and other holidays.

art courses

Woodcuts have a quality that is different from any other kind of picture. They can only exist in this medium and their beauty comes largely from the block.

The process and the result are unpredictable. First comes the idea, then the workmanship, where one is concerned not onlywith the wood and the subject but also with the cuts themselves, and finally the excitement of taking the first proof. This is often matched by the vitaliity and immediacy of the final print.

  • The courses cater for new and experienced students.
  • New participants will work mainly in black and white and become familiar with woods, inks, papers, tools, tool sharpening, equipment, hand printing and machine printing.
  • The more experienced can experiment with the reduction or multi-block process and share ideas or change direction.
  • Visitors staying locally are welcome to do a day course at short notice.
At work

October Rock - Merlyn Chesterman   Evening Rock - Merlyn Chesterman   Winter Rock - Merlyn Chesterman

Light, tide and weather transform the coastline moment by moment.

There are constant opportunities to take advantage of the setting and work directly from the landscape, with its rugged, indented and folded rock formations, a starting point that lends itself ideally to woodblock printing.

Please contact Merlyn Chesterman by e-mail or by phoning (+44) 01237 441670

Two Harton Manor
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